Key Experiences

Building a Curriculum for Those Who Learn Differently

In the summer of 2014 I developed a curriculum to assist my step-daughter with her learning goals for the upcoming school year. I worked with her ABA paraprofessional, father and teachers to assess her learning needs. From there I researched various learning theories and behavioral theories in order to develop a learning plan tailored to her individual needs. We worked heavily on her basic math skills, comprehension and writing skills. I worked with her daily on the assignments and reviewed the work each day in order to assess her understanding and mastery of the material. Part of that assessment involved constant adjustments to the curriculum in order to better achieve her learning outcomes. Learn More

Teaching and Tutoring

Throughout the course of my higher education experience I have tutored dozens of students, most frequently in writing, literature and arts. However I also tutored in mathematics and researched outside of my areas of expertise to assist a student struggling in a nursing program. I was able to utilize both in person and online platforms to assist students.  I also developed methods of teaching and learning that were tailored to each individuals interests, strengths and weaknesses. Learn More

Creating Safe Spaces

I witnessed a hostile work environment for a transgendered individual and pioneered a plan to create a safe and inclusive space for such individuals through the process of difficult discussions. I researched the transgendered community, I researched communication methods with special attention given to difficult conversations and then began the process of starting those conversations with coworkers, colleagues and various people throughout the corporation. I tailored each conversation to the individual in order to draw them in and draw them out of their preconceived notions of what it meant to be transgendered and instead drew them into the understanding of the complexities, difficulties and struggles experienced by transgendered people. Learn More