M.Ed Capstone Course Reflection

“The more you read, the more you know.
The more you know, the more places you’ll go”
               -Dr. Seuss

The process of reflection has never been so complete as it has been in this Capstone course. To review with full understanding the body of work produced in a degree program, to capitalize on considerations of both professional and personal experience is an incredible journey filled with insight, connections and occasionally a rueful “what was I thinking” kind of a grin that comes from learning from past mistakes.

We began our course with an annotated curriculum that had us scrambling to review each class that we have taken in our degree program. To think deeply and consider how each of these courses has contributed to our knowledge, how each has changed or shaped us and expanded the way we interact with the world around us.

Next we examined our own personal and professional competencies, and in doing so we discovered that our struggle to categorize what we know and what we understand is universal. That each of us looked at that daunting list of Program Competencies and wondered how we fit. We also learned that we did fit and that is something we found out largely through the support, feedback and advice offered between and among classmates.

But wait, there’s more!

Let us not forget our case studies. Those enormous undertakings to pin down a single problem of practice and share the experience with others. What an intense but equally rewarding experience. To try and view your experience through the eyes of the viewer, to try to anticipate their questions and concerns, their curiosity and their compassion.

And then finally this. The culmination of all of my learning here within the Higher Education Administration concentration and the building of an IKP Portfolio that for me took the shape of my website, ElisabethCassinari.com. And also in the shape of the video posted to my M.Ed Portfolio, and in this reflection here and now.

And the journey is not over, because what I have become along this path to higher education is a life-long learner. And the life-long learner is infinitely curious, forever questioning and walking along those roads less travelled by.

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